What A Deliberative Curriculum Entails?

The purpose of this presentation is to facilitate a discussion on what a Deliberative Curriculum entails, with a focus on: What is its History? What Does it Mean? How Does it Work? What are its Strengths and Weaknesses? Is it Good for Democracy? For non-democratic nations? What is its future?

I want to also share two audio casts that provide examples of the Deliberative Curriculum approach in action. Substitute the word “Democracy” for “Curriculum” as you are listening. Just listening to a few minutes of either offers insight to how a deliberative curriculum could work.

1. Deliberative Democracy (with Brexit), Analysis BBC Radio 4
(start at 3:00 in if short for time)
The entire podcast is a debate (i.e. not a deliberation!) on whether a deliberative approach to BREXIT would help break the current impasse. At 3:00 in, you can hear a participant discuss an actual deliberative democracy event in Ireland.

2. Deliberative Democracy (with Healthcare in California), KQED (NPR) – https://www.kqed.org/forum/708101000/deliberative-democracy 
(start at 3:00 if short for time)
This podcast is a discussion of a planned event, offering insight into the work involved with setting it all up.