Elementary Math Clubs

A Math Club can provide a collaborative environment for children to solve challenging math problems and strengthen their number sense while offering opportunities to compete in mathematics. […]

Math Pop-Up Museums

Imagine a pop-up museum visiting your school. Throwing down math challenges, letting children investigate at their own pace, talking and sharing with each other their discoveries. Who wouldn’t like to go to a math museum, with an entire class of […]

Math Teacher Circles

Math Teacher Circles are professional communities of K-12 mathematics teachers and mathematicians. Groups meet regularly to work on rich mathematics problems, allowing teachers to enrich their knowledge and experience of math, while building meaningful partnerships with other teachers and mathematicians. […]

I am a Mathematics instructor with a focus on developing and coaching math clubs for area schools. What I love about math clubs is the access to engaging real problems developed by leading institutions, specifically Mathleague.ORG, Mathematical Olympiads, Math4Love and NRICH. These problem types directly contribute to our students building a deep understanding and passion for math.

I was a senior IT professional with a proven record of delivering value to IT and business customers. My passion is developing interactive projects that connect the internet to the things around us. I have direct experience, having built an interactive breakfast table connected to the internet exhibited at NYU, and a concert hall that was showcased on NY cable. I look forward to opportunities to apply this to the area of mathematics education.